Lenzkirch Hochschwarzwald

Lenzkirch is situated in the middle of the Upper Black Forest between Lake Titisee, Neustadt, Feldberg and Lake Schluchsee.
The climatic spa resort lies lies at an altitude of between 810 and 1,192 m and comprises the districts of Kappel (900 m), Raitenbuch (940 m), Saig (1,100 m) and Grünwald (990 m). The highest point of the municipality is the 1,192 m Hochfirst peak in the district of Saig on the border with Titisee-Neustadt.

From the Hochfirst tower you can see as far as the Swiss Alps on a good day and, on a very clear day, as far as the French Alps. In Kappel, a typical scattered settlement with lots of meadows and fields between the houses, you will discover old, impressive Black Forest farmsteads. This is where hikers enter the Haslach and Wutach gorge. Above the Ursee Valley, which was created by ice age glaciers, Raitenbuch nestles in the hillside, surrounded by flowering high pastures. The picturesque Windgfällweiher Lake is only a few minutes away from here on foot. Finally, in an open clearing lies Grünwald, the smallest community in Lenzkirch. The sweeping view extends across the woods and valleys in the vicinity.

Lenzkirch is the ideal starting point for numerous hiking trips and excursions, e.g. to Switzerland, Freiburg or Lake Constance. From here you can reach many interesting destinations quickly without having to take your own car.
Lenzkirch offers numerous events, guided hikes, slide shows, summer expeditions for children and much more all year round. You can find the exact calendar of events by clicking on the latest plan at: www.hochschwarzwald.de/hochschwarzwal or: veranstaltungen.toubiz.de/hochschwarzwald
For more information on Lenzkirch visit: www.hochschwarzwald.de/Lenzkirch


The tourist information office in Lenzkirch is located at the Kurhaus:

  1. Contact:
    Am Kurpark 2, in Lenzkirch.
    Phone: 07652 1206 8400
    E-Mail: lenzkirch@hochschwarzwald.de

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